INCEP: Arthur; Bitchface

Maturity. You're doing it wrong.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that wank is damn near unavoidable lately?

I can't even comprehend the amount of horrible situations I've seen (and had the misfortune to be involved in) over the last couple of weeks. Winter stress already? Seriously, fandom?

I mean, what ever happened to walking away? Or how about just not starting shit over things that could easily be talked out in a calm and mature manner?

Oh, that's right, I forgot. That's not enough drama for you.

Oy vey. D:
SPNCS: Dean/Cas; Trees

Karma's Gonna Get You

Have you ever hated yourself for something that you've done? And no, I don't just mean... have you ever felt regret over something that you've said, or someone you walked away from. Or possibly even a little too close to. I mean... have you ever done something so bad, that you've walked into your bedroom, looked in a mirror, and felt compelled to ask yourself how you could ever possibly have become this person?

See, I'm just wondering if this is something everyone goes through eventually, or if it's just me who's become something horrible.

But, in other notes; {Good god, Cas must have taken a crash course in What Turns Dean Winchester On during breaks from being a celestial wavelength of intent or whatever over the last year. He must have gotten an A+, too.}

Writer's Block: Cover me

Which songs have been covered better by artists who didn't originally sing them?

Well, uh, has anyone been watching Glee? They've made a few terrible decisions, but mostly they really impress me.

More seriously though, I like the way Marina and The Diamonds have been covering songs lately. I like how she can take the most mindless pop songs and make them seem so much more meaningful.
GLERP: Chris; Hoshiz

Bleach? Please?

So, when it comes to J2 photomanips, those things are a dime a dozen. Now, some are truly immaculate, and have become fandom classics, while others have crashed and burned in the reject pile. Some have been fodder for fic and fantasy, while others have been providing us lulz unknowingly for years. All in all, I'd say that the existance of these images are a generally positive thing. I mean... no one's getting hurt, right?

But... but, no. That's no longer the case. *Sigh*. Guys... my eyes, I mean... I thought I had a strong stomach? I thought I could handle intense kinks? I thought... hell, I don't know what I thought anymore, my world's just been shattered.

mythagowood. Do it. More specifically, do THIS, if you wanna cut straight to the point here. But, just so you know?...

...That's not even the worst of it.

But me, being a sick freak, I friended them anyway. It's kind of like when you watch a really fucked up horror movie. You're scared and confused and maybe a little sickened, but you buckle down and love that shit anyway, don't you? No? That's just me? Oh.

In any case, this stuff is extremely NSFW, and I feel that for those of you are going into this blindly, I should enlighten you to the fact that this journal probably requires every warning in the history of warnings ever, including beastiality. Just... you're very, very warned.
SPNJP: Jared; Sunglasses

Pointless? Yes. Boring? No.

The SPN Fangirl Meme: Shallow and Pointless (Finish the phrases!)

1: I have way too many icons of; uh... the lower half of Sam/Jared's face. No, really, it's like some strange obsession where I keep every icon I find of Jared's mouth. *shrug*
2: I can't resist reading a fic where; hmmm... there's phone sex. I don't think I've ever passed one up.
3: I think Sam's hottest when; covered in blood? Is that weird? Is that bad? Well fuck you then. XD
4: I think Dean's hottest when; a) Revering!Dean when he was looking at Marksha!Lucifer in Swan Song, b) Builder!Dean, Domestic!Dean in 6x01
5: One pairing I rarely admit to loving is; Jimmy Novak/Sam. I never remember to mention that to people, but I just fall all over it.
6: From the soundtrack, my favorite song is; Eh. There's lots. Like, how do you pick out of hundreds of songs? I'm thinking I'll go with Shambala though?
7: If I could be any character from the show, I'd be; Um, Cassie, no question? I mean seriously, really?
8: Castiel should always be shipped with; Shouldn't always be shipped with anyone, I think, but I'll go with Sam. Or possibly Chuck. If John had ever gotten to meet Cas, I'd be all for that.
9: If I had to ship/sexualize Bobby, he'd be with; It just shouldn't happen. Period. But again, I'll employ Sam as my answer.
10: My guilty pleasure pairing is; Dean/Gabriel. I feel like a traitor for so many reasons, but it's good.