November 13th, 2010

SPNCS: Dean/Cas; Trees

Karma's Gonna Get You

Have you ever hated yourself for something that you've done? And no, I don't just mean... have you ever felt regret over something that you've said, or someone you walked away from. Or possibly even a little too close to. I mean... have you ever done something so bad, that you've walked into your bedroom, looked in a mirror, and felt compelled to ask yourself how you could ever possibly have become this person?

See, I'm just wondering if this is something everyone goes through eventually, or if it's just me who's become something horrible.

But, in other notes; {Good god, Cas must have taken a crash course in What Turns Dean Winchester On during breaks from being a celestial wavelength of intent or whatever over the last year. He must have gotten an A+, too.}